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Software Testing

It is an art of discovering the presence of errors, not the absence of perfection.

Providing our customers with top-notch software solutions is something we at Smartify are very proud of. An extensive and thorough software testing methodology serves as the foundation for our dedication to quality. We recognise that having software that is trustworthy and devoid of errors is not just a requirement in today's quick-paced technological environment, but also a necessity.

Our dedicated team of skilled testers meticulously assess every aspect of your software, ensuring that it meets the highest industry standards and your specific requirements. We employ a wide range of testing methodologies, from manual testing by our experts to automated testing for efficiency and accuracy.


Our Software Testing Abilities

Our Process


Requirement Analysis

The Requirements Analysis step is one of the most important parts of software testing. In this step, our testing team looks over the project’s requirements to make sure they are clear, full, and able to be tested


Test Planning & Design

Planning a test involves determining what, why, and how much to test. QA designs the testing process, prepares scenarios, and assigns work. 

Creating extensive test cases to verify software functionality is crucial to this step. To ensure thorough test coverage, test design establishes objectives and criteria. Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis help our testers develop credible test cases.


Test Environment set up

Setting up a test environment’s hardware, software, and network allows testing. We make sure our test environment is as close to our real one as possible. Development, staging, and production are popular test locations. A dependable testing environment is essential for discovering defects before users see them and producing stable software.


Test Execution

Tests are needed to validate software functionality.Our testers utilize multiple approaches to discover defects and ensure software quality. Results and issues are recorded for analysis and resolution. To ensure product quality, software performance and reliability must be tested well.


Defect Reporting

Defect reporting is crucial. Issues are reported using tools and templates with severity, reproducibility, and screenshots. The reports help developers diagnose and fix problems. With defect reporting, development proceeds smoothly and software quality improves. Fixing bugs requires frequent tester-developer communication.


test closure

On test closure, our QA team will finish all remaining testing. Keep track of test results, uncover bugs, and fix them. After a test, all goals and requirements are checked. The testing process’s full report helps stakeholders make software release decisions. The project should be ready for deployment after this phase’s testing.


Why US

By working together as a cohesive one, we were able to reach unprecedented levels of success by combining our world-class digital expertise.


We seek to apply the finest technical skills, knowledge and experience to all of our services to clients.


Our professionals thrive at creating new ideas, experiment, fail and try again to succeed in the global market.

Customer Oriented Approach

In today’s digital age, customers demand much more from business.


Our innovative tech-driven processes blend efficiency and effectiveness that drives value to your business.

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On time delivery is the key success factor to win the heart of the client. We never miss it.

Latest Trends

We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in Development, Design and Technology from time to time.

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What is software testing ?

Software testing is essential for quality assurance, identifying bugs, meeting requirements, and providing a dependable product to end-users.

What type of testing do you perform?

We perform the following types of testing as per project requirements: • Functional Testing • Test Automation • Compatibility Testing • Performance Testing • Regression Testing • Selenium Testing • Security Testing • ERP Testing • QC to ALM Migration

What are the 7 principles of testing?

The seven principles of testing: • Testing shows the presence of defects, not their absence. • Exhaustive testing is impossible. • Early testing saves time and money. • Defects cluster together. • Beware of the pesticide paradox. • Testing is context-dependent. • Absence-of-errors is a fallacy.

Why Software testing is important

1.Quality Assurance: Software is only reliable if it has been carefully tested to meet user expectations. 2.Bug Identification: Bugs and faults are easier and cheaper to fix when discovered and addressed early in the development process, and this is where testing comes in. 3.User Satisfaction: If you test anything carefully, you can eliminate crashing, glitches, and other problems that could be bothersome to the user. This makes the whole experience better for the customer. 4.Compliance and Security:To keep private information safe and prevent security flaws, software must be tested to make sure it follows all applicable rules and regulations.

How do you use automation testing?

We automate tests for repeatability. We automate a test because we need to execute the same tests again and again. Would you want to automate a test if you were only going to run it once and forget about it? Of course not! With the time and effort you spend on automating the test, you could have executed it manually. Implementing a robust automation testing solution is no mean task and proves challenging for many companies – our dynamic and highly experienced team is amongst the top in automation testing services. With a holistic focus on your business, we strategically design test processes, set up robust automated scripts, create a QA automation framework and run Selenium & Mobile Apps automated test scripts for consistent and reliable coverage overall.

What are QA services?

QA(Quality Assurance Services) For the most part, a QA service can provide specific testing services, utilizing a particular in-house team with a level of expertise in various areas of quality assurance.

How much does it cost for Software Testing?

The Costing for Software testing depends on several testing factors like Functional Testing, Test Automation, Compatibility Testing, and more. Implementing a testing solution is no mean task for companies. Please connect with our team to help you understand better. You can reach them at +91 7893656868,+91 9493308677 /

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