What Is Usability Testing? Why It Is Performed.

What Is Usability Testing? Why It Is Performed.

What is Usability Testing

Usability testing means to make sure that the application is fit to the end-user expectations. Whatever the application is the aim is to reach the end-user expectations. To develop any applications the 3 things that the developer is put in mind is:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Easy to learn.
  3. Look and feel should be good so that the user gets a satisfying, Experience while using the application.

Why is usability testing performed?

In recent times web and mobile applications ruling the business. Because of mobile usage, this usability testing is getting affected. why because nowadays everyone uses mobiles, both literates and illiterates. So whatever the application is the end-user whether it is literate or illiterate should be able to handle the application in a smooth manner. If the application is understandable only for the literates then the application does not see a huge success. Of course, there are other features also to be considered to know that the application is going to hit or flop. But this usability testing also plays a key role to see success. This usability testing is not only applicable to software applications only, but also for all types of interface/machines that have human interaction has got to satisfy these rules. For example if the voting machines is not usable , it means more than single-action if there are multiple actions to be performed to vote to the chosen candidate, then did the public show any interest to do all that process for one vote? They get irritated then the democracy will suffer. And the gadget in the hospital, if that won’t work properly there, is a critical situation where sometimes the patient even may die. It should be in an understandable manner not to complicate to perform any action. If the application is hospital related you know that it is an emergency case. And To avoid situations like this usability testing is mandatory.

There are a bunch of examples in history that one single button can cause a great effect. And this usability testing is performed when it means the earlier a defect is found in the SDLC the cheaper it is to fix it. The same as this concept holds true for testing Usability also. So it is important to design an application in such a way that the customer/ end-user did not get irritated by multiple clickings. It should be simple and also able to provide good security.

Who performs this testing

There are 2 different ways that this usability testing can perform. The first one is the developer, designers and anyone else can sit and analyze the system and get the results. Based on the result there can be some modifications that are done if required. It is an internal process. And the second way is hiring real-time users and assigning tasks for them and getting the results from them. This is an advanced approach.

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