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About Computer Based Training

Smartify Software Solutions has been delivering custom made CBT packages to assorted clients from Defense and other Industries since the last 6 years to meet their training needs. We make top-notch training modules that use the power of various mediums like illustrations, animations, videos, audio and graphics to give an effective learning experience.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) is used to enhance the efficacy of training within limited time and resources. A CBT can be more specifically called an Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI).

CBTs are in fact the most time efficient and cost effective Training Aids for Defense and other manufacturing industries OEM’s. These trainings help customers train their team in tight schedules within a limited time and can cover the depth of topics in a given program with any number of people.



In a traditional training programme there is a high chance of missing some topics due to delay in time or missed when trying to explain other topics. Computer Based Trainings are well planned based on Course Time and Course Structure, this helps to cover all the topics and can be reviewed any number of times without losing the track of the course.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) are designed with clear and concise instructional guidance, that are more learner centric, effective, and are designed to focus on necessary and identified points. This ensures the courses are filled with instructional visual designs, are audio based and covers all the technical information in Graphical Format.

Benefits of CBT


Course Management & Tracking

Courses in Computer Based Training follow a structured, time-based format. Users can efficiently plan their course using the tree menu, which represents the course structure. Even with busy schedules, users can easily plan their course as the content is designed with fixed timeframes and positions within the CBT.

Graphical Representation of content

The course will include text, pictures, animations,hotspots and videos to make it fun and easy to understand. Everything will be clearly explained using graphics, words, sound, and video, all while sticking to the technical details. 2D and 3D animations will help you grasp how things work, especially when they're hard to explain with regular training methods.


Personalization of Content

Content can be presented in custom styles that are user-friendly without altering the technical nature, focusing on clarity rather than formality.


Audio Narration

To enhance user engagement and facilitate easier comprehension of each slide's content, narration with voice-over will be incorporated to guide users seamlessly through the material.



OST which stands for on-screen text, will be displayed below each slide along with the voiceover.



Do not necessarily put the static image of agent on the screen



Planning quizzes or assessments at the conclusion of the CBT allows the trainer to evaluate the trainee's acquired knowledge from the session



Unprocessed documents are uploaded into CBT to provide a reference to the original data, ensuring that users stay aligned with the training session.

Our Process



Our instructional designers analyse the knowledge and skills of users who will be using the CBT, gain an understanding of the target system/subject, and plan course objectives, tasks, time frames, and other critical factors essential for the course’s success



During this phase, our instructional and visual designers will collaborate on structuring the content and framework.

  • Instructional designers gather necessary documents and inputs from subject matter experts to develop the course structure, scripts, and storyboards, seeking approval from the client. 
  • Visual designers focus on creating the basic GUI framework and stylesheets, aligning them with subject and client requirements, and obtaining final approvals. They also gather necessary illustrations, audio files, videos, and other materials from clients.


Our Instructional Designers guide Visual Designers in creating course content based on scripts and storyboards. Visual Designers then create graphical content, including video editing, drawings, illustrations, and other visual aids, following the ID’s instructions.


Implementation Phase

During this phase, our team finalises the CBT by integrating content, visuals, and audio into a graphically interactive format within the CBT framework. The completed project is then delivered to the client for review, and internal quality checks are performed by Instructional Designers and the QC team.



Review phase is carried out in two ways

  1. Reviewing the Technical Content and Providing the feedback to the Instructional Designers(ID’s).
  2. Reviewing the graphical data, framework and providing the feedback to Visual Designers.
    • During this phase, customers/OEMs review the data and provide feedback to developers. Instructional Designers and Visual Designers make modifications accordingly, followed by internal QC. Finally, the output is submitted for review and approval.


In the deployment phase, the approved content bundle is encrypted by developers, copied to DVDs, and then the final output is delivered to the customer/OEM in the desired format.


Why US

By working together as a cohesive one, we were able to reach unprecedented levels of success by combining our world-class digital expertise.


We seek to apply the finest technical skills, knowledge and experience to all of our services to clients.


Our professionals thrive at creating new ideas, experiment, fail and try again to succeed in the global market.

Customer Oriented Approach

In today’s digital age, customers demand much more from business.


Our innovative tech-driven processes blend efficiency and effectiveness that drives value to your business.

Time & Support

On time delivery is the key success factor to win the heart of the client. We never miss it.

Latest Trends

We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in Development, Design and Technology from time to time.

e-Publishing Services


CBT can be used to teach almost any conceivable subject, but it is especially popular for computer-related studies.

IETPs are electronic display systems of organised and formatted publications for presenting information of product description, operation and maintenance . 

Our IETMs are made completely in frame oriented design and can be used either as a Desktop Application or Portable Digital Application or Mobile App.

Industries We Serve

Regardless of the industry or field, our digital services provide cutting-edge solutions that are adapted to meet the unique demands and goals of our clients.


What is CBT?

Computer Aided learning is the use of information technology to assist in the teaching and learning processes is called Computer Based Training.

Is computer based training less effective?

The theoretical advantages of computer-based training include convenience, flexibility in scheduling, consistency of material presented, and tracking and documentation capabilities. But what is not taken into consideration by computer-based methods is that people learn in different ways.

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