What is Jira? Advantages and Disadvantages of Jira


What is Jira?

Jira is a bug tracking tool basically which was developed by an Australian company named Atlassian in the year 2002. Basically, it is a bug tracking tool later in the year 2012, it started its services like project management. It is a Japanese word which means Godzilla. This tool is mainly used for bug tracking for software and mobile apps.

Jira is mainly used by Agile developers to customize the workflow and for team collaboration and it releases the application with more confidence. And the help desk system, leave request system also uses this tool. Coming to the tester this tool is used for bug tracking to track project-level issues like documentation and also to track environmental issues. This tool was used by 75000 users in 122 countries. Jira contains 4 packages. They are mentioned below:

  1. Jira core.
  2. Jira Software.
  3. Jira Ops.
  4. Jira service desk.

1. Jira core

It is a project and task management solution. In the organization, every business person uses the plan, track and report of the work. The new business template of this Jira core is very efficient to support multiple teams, projects, and workflow.

2. Jira software

Jira software is developed for bug tracking of software and mobile apps.

3. Jira Ops

It is a place to respond to the incidents, link systems and to create a consistent process. On Atlassian’s Jira software Jira Ops is built. And its objective is to automate and streamline incident responses and also provide visibility into the ongoing incidents and also provide updates about chat and status.

4. Jira service desk

Jira Service desk is a modern service desk software. It provides good visibility and provides a good structure for the work to provide a better service.

Jira Basics:

It consists of 6 aspects. They are mentioned below.

  1. Issue types.
  2. Wok flows.
  3. Custom fields.
  4. Filed configuration.
  5. Notification.
  6. permissions.

Coming to the plugins there are some plugins available in Jira to get a better result. There is some famous plugin in Jira They are mentioned below

Zendesk, Salesforce, GitHub, Gitbucket, and so on. Some of them support the team to report the issue directly into Jira. With full-featured issues and with test management it created an unlimited private repository. As early discussed, agile developers mostly used this Jira software. For the upcoming versions of the product, the developers follow the roadmap of the planned features.

Advantages of Jira

  1. Integration is available in this Jira. That means the issue and project tracking software integrated with several third-parties Software’s.
  2. Jira is suitable for different types of users like developers, project managers, engineers, non-technical professionals and so on.
  3. Supports the roadmap requirement.
  4. Jira enables users to create any kind of issue.

Disadvantages of Jira

  1. Limited file size upload.
  2. Reports are not reusable.
  3. Confusing User-Interface.

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