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Revolutionising Business Dynamics from Leads to Loyalty

Change the way your business operates with our amazing CRM – from attracting potential customers to keeping existing ones happy, coordinating with vendors to managing inventory smoothly, our SMATO CRM sets a new standard for greatness at every step!

Smooth Operations Meet Intuitive Financial Excellence

Explore financial expertise with our SMATO's cutting-edge Books module. Helps you seamlessly track sales, manage purchases, generate invoices, and process payments, thereby maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records. It's like creating a beautiful harmony where easy-to-use design meets strong financial skills.

Balancing the books, revealing truths within the numbers

Seamlessly integrated with GST compliance and Tally software, our accounts module streamlines financial operations, ensuring accurate reporting and effortless tax filing. With robust synchronisation capabilities, manage your finances efficiently while adhering to regulatory requirements with ease.

Elevating Workforce Management with Precision and Compliance

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and embrace efficient HR management with SMATOAPPS. Our HR module covers everything from attendance tracking and employee information management to leave management, payroll processing, IT disclosures, travel requests, loan management and even more, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with regulations.

Keep track of what you have and what you need with effective stock and asset management

Enhance inventory-to-sales tracking efficiency through our stock management system. Effectively oversee assets from procurement to returns with our comprehensive module. Optimise operations and boost productivity with our seamlessly integrated solution.

How It Works

Our SMATO simplifies the process of digitising and automating your business workflow in five easy steps:


1. Explain to us the existing workflow

We start by analysing and comprehending your current business processes.


2. We come up with our ideas and infographics

We propose innovative solutions and visualise them through infographics to enhance understanding.


3. Collaborate to finalise

We work closely with you to refine and finalise the proposed solutions, ensuring they align with your business goals.


4. We Design and develop

Our team designs and develops the customised digital solutions tailored to your specific workflow needs.


5. Digitalize the workflow together

We implement the digitalized workflow, providing guidance and support throughout the integration process to ensure a smooth transition.


Salient Features

The standout qualities that define our SMATOAPP's uniqueness and value proposition.

Works on any device

Experience seamless functionality across all devices: desktops, mobiles, and web platforms with our versatile product.


Detailed usage Documents and Videos

To ensure a smooth learning and use experience, we include detailed documentation and instructional videos


Easy setup and Instant usage

Our application boasts easy setup and instant usage, ensuring hassle-free integration and immediate access to its features

Easy setup and Instant usage

Host on cloud or Intranet

By providing flexible hosting choices, our product is able to install without a hitch on either the cloud or an intranet, meeting a wide range of requirements.

Host on cloud or Intranet

Works as Singleton or Entire Platform

Depending on your business  needs, you can choose one piece or go for the full cake and enjoy the comprehensive solution.


Customized Delivery

With Tailor Made Delivery, you can get software solutions that are crafted to fit your business distinctive requirements.


Industries We Serve

Regardless of the industry or field, our digital services provide cutting-edge solutions that are adapted to meet the unique demands and goals of our clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions? We've got answers! Check out our FAQs to find solutions to common queries about our software product.


    Our SMATO HR offers comprehensive employee management features including employee details, attendance tracking, payroll generating, leaves management etc

    The Books module provides functionalities for creating and managing sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, and payments

    The CRM module facilitates lead tracking, customer relationship management, and vendor management. It allows users to store and organise contact information, track interactions, and manage sales pipelines.

    The eCorner module enables internal communication through features such as circulars, blogs, tickets (issue tracking), emails, and chats. It promotes collaboration and information sharing among employees.

    Yes, the CRM module can manage vendor information such as contact details, purchasing history, and communication logs. This helps in maintaining good relationships with vendors and streamlining procurement processes.

    The purpose of an HR software module is to streamline and automate various HR processes such as employee management, leave management, payroll processing, travel management, and attendance tracking.

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