What Is Agile Model – Advantages, Disadvantages And When To Use It?

What Is Agile Model – Advantages, Disadvantages And When To Use It?

What is Agile methodology and how it is different from others

Agile means ‘ability to move easily’. This methodology is used to develop software. There are so many other methodologies used to develop software. Like the waterfall model, v-model, etc, where compared to other models this agile methodology is different. The ability to make changes quickly and easily the key factor of this methodology. Let see how this agile methodology differs from others.

  • The customer is not able to see the end product until the completion of the project. To complete the project by using the traditional methodology for example waterfall model, it took several years or months.
  • Anything other than agile methodology it took so much time to deploy the project. By allocating extensive periods for gathering requirements, designing, developing, testing and finally user acceptance testing.
  • But in agile, there are iteration/sprint means which is shorter in duration. It takes 2 weeks to two months. In this period predetermined features are developed
  • The agile methodology contains one or more iterations and delivers the product at the final iteration.
  • If any feature that is not delivered in the first iteration then based on the priority it will be done in the next iteration or subsequent iterations.
  • The working software is provided to the customer for every iteration. Because of this approach, the customer can interact with the software and give feedback on it.
  • Due to this approach, it will be easier for the team to make any changes if needed.

Advantages of Agile methodology

  • The delivery of the software is unrelenting if the agile methodology is used.
  • After every iteration working features of the software, the customer is able to see.
  • If the customer wants any changes it can be done in the current release.
  • Daily iterations are done in agile methodology between developers and business people.
  • At the later stages also changes in the requirements are even acceptable in agile.
  • Good design is the basic theme in agile methodology.
  • More focused on technical excellence and good design.

Disadvantages of agile methodology

  • Documentation is less in agile methodology when compared to traditional methodologies.
  • Sometimes requirements are not clear in this methodology so that it is difficult to predict the expected output.
  • Unable to estimate the actual afford required at the starting stage of development.

When this methodology is used:

  • When the customer is frequently changing the requirements this methodology is used. Because it even accepts the changes at a later stage.
  • There is nothing much to lose by the changes asked by the customer. It may lose work of a few days or sometimes hours for the developer to implement it.
  • When compared to the traditional models like the waterfall model the agile methodology needs very limited planning.
  • Face to face conversation is possible in this agile methodology.

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