Enterprise Application Development

Development of Smart Enterprise Applications is always spellbinding for Smartify as we focus to be inline with your company’s evolving technologies and requirements. We, at Smartify, implement innovation design strategies and effectively develop your Enterprise Applications with well-conceptualized model.

Our approach is very simple! We help you streamline your business processes by optimizing your business operations. We assure ROI by assisting you right from achieving business objectives to final support of your existing applications.

Development Procedure For Enterprise Application Development | Smartifysol

Our Development procedure

  • Research about your objectives
  • Create a Prototype
  • Seek Approval for final development
  • Develop quality Enterprise Application
  • Review as per your requirements
  • In-time delivery of your cost-effective Application
  • Technical Support
Expertise For Enterprise Application Development | SmartifySol

Our areas of Expertise

1. Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
2. Customer Relation Ship Management
3. Information and Data Sharing Management Systems
4. Human Resource Management System
5. Project Management System
6. Supply Chain Management System

How we help?

  • We analyze your real-time objectives and help you identify key challenges of your business.
  • We help you plan your framework, find solutions and figure out cost requirements.
  • We implement best solutions to design and develop your application as per objectives specified.
  • We provide cost-effective solutions for your present and future adoptions and modifications of the Enterprise Application.
Frequently Asked Questions Web Design and Development - smartify


The enterprise application development process is divided into three stages: • Kick-off stage: It is a stage where an organization presents its business requirements. Our experts analyze business requirements and build up a team of developers who can deliver the project within declared time frames. • Development: The second stage is the development stage. We keep all stages of the development clear with clients and involve them using scrum methodology to provide them updates weekly and get continuous feedback. • Testing: We test the software continuously during the development and ensure to fix bugs as soon as they are recognized. By performing user acceptance testing, we make sure that the software is ready for deployment and use of the application.

The cost of an enterprise depends on the size of the software and the complexity of software integrations. You might also need to factor in the expenses associated with training your resources to use the software, and support services from your clients.

Enterprise applications are large multi-user, multi-developer, and multi-component applications that can work on large pieces of data and utilize extensive parallel processing, network distributed resources, and complex logic. These applications can be deployed across multiple platforms and operate simultaneously with many other applications. Enterprise applications are business-oriented and deployed to meet specific business requirements. They encode business policies, processes, rules, and entities and are developed with specific business requirements in mind.

We build enterprise apps on almost all popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Web, cloud, etc. Please connect with our Salespeople to help you understand better. You can reach them at +91 7893656868,+91 9493308677 / contactus@smartifysol.com.

We integrate the best features depending on your enterprise needs. Some of these features are integrated • AI • Push notification • GPS • AR & VR, • Barcode Scanner • Google Maps.

There are tremendous benefits to setting up a custom fintech app for your enterprise. • More inbound traffic and better conversion • Better customer engagement • Re-targeting and Re-marketing • Immediate reporting • Online customer reviews • Push Notifications