What is Cloud9 IDE? Features of Cloud9 IDE


What is Cloud9 IDE?

Cloud9 is an online IDE(Integrated Development Environment). From version 2.0 to 3.0, it is open-source. Cloud9 IDE was a privately held company. Founded in 2010, and based in San Francisco and Amsterdam. In the month of July 14, 2016, Cloud9 announced that it had been acquired by Amazon.com. This Cloud9 supports the programming languages like C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Javascript with Node.js. Node.js is used at the back end and is mostly entirely written in javascript. From July 2016 Cloud9 IDE became a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There are 8 different features in Cloud9 IDE(Integrated Development Environment).

  1. Full-featured editor.
  2. Broad Run configurations.
  3. Serverless development Tools.
  4. Build-in terminal.
  5. Linux severe connectivity.
  6. Collaborative editing and chatting.
  7. Continuous delivery toolchain.
  8. Revision history and customization.

1. Full-featured editor

On EC2 instances the platform runs a browser-based editor which is fully customizable to your programming style. OIt configured in such a way that allows the code to be written, run, and debugged within the browser editor. To create cleaner code with fewer mistakes completion hints and suggestions are provided. And it also enables a pleasing work environment by the editor windows to feature drag and drop adjustments.

2. Broad Run configurations

defining the run configurations for a specific project language can be set by default With support for multiple programming languages. Custom configurations to be set up by the development environment. File names, the Environment variables, and command-line options can be controlled.

3. Serverless development Tools

For the development of serverless applications and for testing Lambda functions the Cloud-based platform provides a range of tools. AWS Lambda functions can be edited and debugged within the development environment.

4. Build-in terminal

Cloud9 IDE contains full sudo privileges the IDE includes a built-in terminal to control the running EC2 instance. The terminal also provides a way to perform Git push and pull functions, to compile code, to run commands, or to display server output.

5. Linux severe connectivity

The Cloud9 development environment has SSH (Secure Shell)connectivity for businesses running their own Linux servers. On any Linux server, whether on-premises, with Amazon AWS or another cloud-based provider this will allow the IDE to run.

6. Collaborative editing and chatting

To collaborate in real-time Cloud9 IDE allows multiple developers. That means allowing for pair and team programming this allows each other to type and pair programs together on the same file.

7. Continuous delivery toolchain

To release the code faster on AWS(Amazon Web Services) allows you to quickly set up an end-to-end continuous delivery toolchain for your application by integrating AWS code star with AWS Cloud9.

8. Revision history and customization

In the development environment, the AWS Cloud9 keeps the revision of the history of the files. So that it is easy to access the code and which were made in the past and co back to an earlier iteration.

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