Unveiling the Architecture of Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Level 4

Unveiling the Architecture of Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Level 4

In the world of technical documentation, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) have changed how information is shown and found. Level 4 of IETMs is special because it has strong abilities to manage databases. In this blog post, we’ll explore the detailed setup of our IETM Level 4, pointing out its important features and benefits.

1. Table of Contents Creation

One of the foundational aspects of our IETM Level 4 is the meticulous construction of a Table of Contents (TOC). This TOC serves as a roadmap, guiding users through the wealth of information contained in the manual.

2. Text, Images, Links, and Videos Database

The heart of our IETM Level 4 software lies in its ability to transform all textual content of manuals into a robust database. This includes not only text but also images, links, and videos. The incorporation of a unified database ensures easy access, swift loading times, and seamless updates.

3. Database Management

Database Management

Central to the characteristics of IETM Level 4 is its prowess in database management. Storing all textual information as a database facilitates efficient retrieval, making the manual an invaluable resource for users.

4. Hyperlinking Ease

The use of a database structure in our Smart IETM Level 4 simplifies the process of hyperlinking. Every piece of content, whether it be text, image, or video, is assigned a dynamic code. This code can be effortlessly employed as a hyperlink in multiple locations, streamlining navigation.

5. User-Specific Access

Our Smart Level 4 IETM introduces a user-centric approach by allowing differentiated access based on user roles. For instance, user manuals can be selectively provided to one user with a specific login ID, while maintenance manuals are allocated to another user with a distinct login ID.

6. Incorporation of Various Manuals

This advanced system accommodates diverse types of manuals, including user manuals and maintenance manuals. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates spare parts lists and actual user manuals for comprehensive reference.


Smartify excels in creating top-notch Level 4 IETM. In the changing world of technical documents, Level 4 IETMs stand out by changing how information is organised and used. They focus on managing databases, providing user-specific access, and including manuals in a flexible way. This makes Our Level 4 IETM softwares an advanced and effective solution for technical documentation that is easy for users to navigate.

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