Navigating the Levels of Smartify’s IETM

Navigating the Levels of Smartify’s IETM

In the fast-paced world of technology, Smartify Software Solutions stands out as a specialist in crafting cutting-edge IETM software solutions. These manuals play a crucial role in providing users with dynamic and user-friendly access to technical information. In this blog post, we will explore the various levels of IETM designed and developed by Smartify, each offering a unique set of features and functionalities.

Level 1: Electronically Indexed Page Images

Smartify’s Level 1 IETM involve digitised page images indexed through a manually created static table of contents. While these indexes are not dynamically editable, they provide a specific set of pages with organised access.

Level 2: Electronic Scrolling Documents

Moving up the ladder, our Smart Level 2 IETM offer page-oriented live ASCII-encoded documents. Using SGML/HTML or XML language, these documents boast intelligent indexes, hypertext tags, and multimedia content. A simple conversion procedure facilitates the creation of tagged document files, offering content-driven navigation options.

Level 3: Linear Structured Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Level 3 IETM software follows a linear structured index based on MIL-D-87269 specifications. Smartify employs a Hypertext presentation system in accordance with MIL-M-87268 specifications. This level includes hypertext tags and multimedia content, all presented in a tabular data format.

Level 4: Hierarchically Structured Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Taking it up a notch, Level 4 IETM are hierarchically structured and frame-oriented. These manuals utilise a run-time database for interactive presentation, complying with MIL-M-87268, MIL-D-87269, and MIL-Q-87270 IETM specifications. Smartify leverages SGML/HTML and XML languages, creating a “data-driven” system with dynamic hypertext tagged presentation between cross data modules.

Level 5: Integrated Database Interactive Electronic Technical Information Systems

At the pinnacle, Smartify’s Level 5 IETM integrate an Electronic Technical Information System (IETIS). This includes all the features of Level 4, with the addition of expert-system rules. These rules govern the display of other applications and process information, such as test and remote equipment diagnostics, dynamic simulation data, dynamic logs, or computer-managed training.


Smartify’s expertise lies in delivering IETM developed using contemporary technologies, languages, and frameworks. Adhering to JSG, MIL, and S1000D standards, we ensure all interactive features, including hyperlinks, hotspotings, annotations, search functionalities, and bookmarks, are seamlessly integrated. The commitment to excellence is evident in every level of IETM, providing users with an unparalleled experience in accessing and understanding technical information.

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