Computer Based Training (CBT)

Smartify Software Solutions has been delivering custom made CBT packages to assorted clients from Defence/Industry etc for the last 6 years so for meeting their training needs. We make top-notch training modules that use the power of various media like illustrations, animations, videos, audio and graphics to give an effective learning experience

What is CBT?

CBT can be used to teach almost any conceivable subject, but it is especially popular for computer-related studies. People often take advantage of CBT to learn how to run a particular computer application.

At Smartify, our team provides the latest Dynamic HTML, flash & streaming media for you to achieve success.

  1. Simple, user-friendly and effective CBTs for interactive learning
  2. Top-quality training modules that give a visually rich experience’
  3. Easily scalable and quickly deployable
  4. Creating standardized learning & training content

How can we help you?

  1. Enriching user learning experience
  2. Streamlining lowering cost of training
  3. Enriching user learning experience

CBT Applications That Smartify Does

  1. Corporate Training and Education Learning Kits
  2. Do’s & Don’ts’ for the use of machines and best practices
  3. Product demonstration for installation, servicing, and maintenance

There are costs involved with developing and implementing CBT, but after that, it becomes an extremely cost-effective means of delivering training to large groups of learners. After all, the costs of face-to-face training soon add up when you consider spending on venues, trainers, traveling, accommodation, and time away from the workplace!

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Computer Aided learning is the use of information technology to assist in the teaching and learning processes is called Computer Based Training.

The theoretical advantages of computer-based training include convenience, flexibility in scheduling, consistency of material presented, and tracking and documentation capabilities. But what is not taken into consideration by computer-based methods is that people learn in different ways.