Top 4 Network trends To Look In 2020


In today’s world, networking has become a necessity. Here are the four topics that may become the trend in the year 2020.

  1. Network Automation.
  2. 5G and WIFI-6 demand.
  3. The dawn of CloudOps Teams.
  4. AI and ML Will Lead networks to Autonomous.

1. Network Automation

To make managing networks easier the networking vendors released automation platforms over the last year. But it seems that those people are not that much successful in doing that. It is still in process. There have been some internal issues like interoperable issues, feature-parity issues, and even cultural issues. Even the network community thought that this will be the end of traditional network engineer. But there is hope that there will be automation networking in the future maybe next year in such a way to manage networks going forward.Engineers will indeed still need to know the fundamentals of networking, but they’ll need to augment that knowledge with at least a functional understanding of automation tools.

2. 5G and WIFI-6 demand

There is a great advantage of a 5G network like it will be possible to provide a uniform, consistent and uninterrupted, connectivity across the world. It will help to gather all networks on one platform. 5G contains a 10x decrease in latency, 100x traffic capacity 10x connection density, and 3x spectrum efficiency, and 100x network efficiency. This could help solve the challenge of having so many wireless devices connected at once. In 2020, there is a move from large-scale connectivity to small scale in our offices and homes, because of ISP’s rally behind 5G NR. Computer and cell phones which are WI-FI-6 capable devices move to the new standard.

3. The dawn of CloudOps Teams

In 2019, the industry will be mostly based on a hybrid cloud model. That is combining resources locally and in the cloud. But this design also contains hurdles. If SD-WAN gets advanced then the hybrid model may become much easier to manage and deploy. By just a few clicks both in a local data center and public cloud enterprise can easily deploy with high-quality connectivity. In 2020 there will be the dawn of the CloudOps team, the team that focused more on the leading edge of new resources in public cloud that integrated with local infrastructure.

4. AI and ML Will Lead networks to Autonomous

AI means Artificial Intelligence and ML means Machine Learning. These two are starting points for many technologies. Machine learning prophecy based on network data. And the AI is decision making, like taking an intelligent action on that prophecy. The benefits of AI and ML are numerous. There is a rapid prediction in analysis and processing. And huge data consumption from different sources. There will be a great chance that analytics tools build on machine learning and artificial intelligence. To get better and more powerful results. That does not mean in the year 2020 the network will become autonomous. But surely there will be some advanced analytics and automation. That self remediation as the next step in the software-defined network.

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