IETMs Development and Design

At Smartify, we specialize in creating rich interactive electronic manuals to industry standards. We are expertise at delivering Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM’S) or Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP’S) categorized into Type 1 (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3), Type 2 (Class 4, Class 5) developed using contemporary technologies, languages, frameworks that are capable of integrating any of XML,Word, PDF, PPTS and graphical representations authored under S1000D, JSG standards.

Our Wide Range of IETM’S Development and Integration include

  1. User Handbook/Operator Manual
  2. Technical Manual
  3. Illustrated spares parts list- ISPL
  4. Manufacturer Recommended List of Spares(MRLS)
  5. Diagnostic Installation Manual
  1. Ground Support Technical Manual
  2. Equipment Technical Manual
  3. Service Manuals
  4. Maintenance Logs

Exceptional & Unique features of our Smart IETMS

1) Easy to use Interactive user interface

Smartify IETM stands unique to offer dynamic and easy to use applications with rich user

2) Organized Content

Content can be organized with the help of Modules, Categories and Related Information features, making the navigation ease to the end users

3) Dynamic Color Themes

Featured with Light and Dark mode color theme variants selection

4) Interactive Drawings

Our IETM is capable of making drawings more interactive and self explanatory by hot spotting parts with labels. Further, These labels will be tool-tipped with more description in the form of text, Image or Video

5) Annotations & Page Bookmarking

Annotations feature helps users to annotate selected text /Paragraph and make comments that are visible to everyone or keep it private for future reference . Bookmarking Feature helps users to bookmark pages for future reference

6) Advanced Authoring Tool

Advanced authoring tool was designed simple lite and easy for end customers to perform corrections, Manage Users and their access activities in Delivered IETM

7) Built on Contemporary technologies & Languages

Smart IETM is built using Angular 8 , Nodejs HTML5 and Material Design

8) Top-notch Performance and Scalability

Our IETM is smart enough to deliver top-notch performance and can be scaled around 40,000 + pages for CLass 2 & 3 and up to 5 lakh pages for Class 4 IETM

9) Data Access and Security

We come up with different levels of access and user categories with advanced encryption technologies to safeguard the contents/documents from unauthorized access.

10) Backup and Restore

Backup and restore features are provisioned for protecting the loss of data

With one of the best teams on-board, Smartify stands out as the Best IETM’S Development Company in Hyderabad India, we are capable enough in converting any sort of present paper based documents to hassle-free Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals for you. Just let us know your requirement and rest will be taken care of.

IETM frequently asked questions:

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